Placement Tests

DynEd’s General and Kid’s Placement Tests, and DynEd Proficiency Test, are computer-adaptive tests that adjust the degree of difficulty and length of the test, quickly place students into the appreciate DynEd courses, and ensure that they study at the optimum level according to their English proficiency level. DynEd’s Placement Test provide quick and reliable assessment results for the students. Such test scores are highly aligned with other standardized tests, including the TOEFL, IELTS, etc.

Speaking Test

Using state-of-the-art-speech recognition technology, DynEd’s Speaking Test and Speaking Test for Business quickly and automatically measures students’ oral proficiency, eliminating the need for expensive native speaker raters.

Mastery Tests

All of DynEd’s core courses include series of Mastery Tests to help teachers evaluate learner’s progress and to confirm correct placement into the courses. The tests enable teachers to track and record the study progress of the students to progress along their journey to their next certification goal.