Professional Teacher Training

DynEd’s global success derives to a great extent from the training and support services available to all DynEd partners, schools, organisations, and teachers. These services include the provision of both initial training seminars and on-going in-service training workshops, with theoretical overviews and practical hands-on exercises, all designed to help teachers, administrators, and other Interested  staff understand DynEd’s  unique brain-based English learning  approach, and effectively  use DynEd courseware,  Records Manager, and other tools to ensure their  students’  success.  In addition,  DynEd’s  professional  Training & Client Support team remain  available at all rimes to provide additional   consultation, assistance with curriculum  development, and on-going guidance and advice.

Teacher Training Courses

Teaching English: A Brainbased Approach is a professional English teacher training course specially designed for the English teachers eager to apply technology in their classroom. DynEd’s language learning approach is developed according to a brain-based learning theory, i.e., “Recursive Hierarchical   Recognition (RHR).” The application of such a powerful theory distinguishes DynEd’s courseware from other technology-aided language learning courses, whether or not they Include teacher or classroom support.

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Vera Semenova

Methodology Scholar, Teacher Training Institute, the Sakha Republic, Russia

“As teacher and teacher trainer with several years or experience. I   believe RHR theory will benefit all teachers.  I   deeply regret that I was not aware of this theory earlier   I strongly recommend it because it is the most outstanding English teaching methodology.”