Records Manager

DynEd’s award-winning Records Manager simplifies class management by allowing teachers and administrators to effectively manage the installation, lesson access, testing, and on-going monitoring of student activities. Specially designed for language learning, the Records Manager tracks, analyzes, and makes recommendations that greatly improve the language learning process, reduce costs and increase student motivation. In addition, the records can be printed or exported into existing database systems.

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DynEd’s Analytics application allows project managers and administrators to track and monitor the teaching progress of all students, classes, teachers, schools, regions and cities. Analytics can help analyze and compare the study records, test scores, overall performance, and study efficiency by school, teacher, or center.

Intelligent Tutor

DynEd’s Intelligent Tutor provides real-time, high-quality individualized feedback for students, so as to enable them to change their courseware usage habits and gain more study efficiency.