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Students can accelerate their English language learning by studying with DynEd on their mobile devices.  The full suite of DynEd Pro courseware is now available on mobile devices, making studying with DynEd easier than ever before. Designed to work with our blended-learning model, DynEd Pro courses provide technology-assisted study that is combined with live instruction, coaching, and support from a certified teacher or coach. And our new goal-based menu options guide your study sessions to help you achieve your Certification goals in the quickest possible time.

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Download “My DynEd app” Free of charge and start your mobile English learning!

DynEd Plus

Earn points as you uncover more English Learning content!

Use the DynEd plus App for self-study or as supplementary listening content for any English course – especially the DynEd Pro suite of courseware. The more points you earn, the more engaging content will be provided, right on your smart phone or tablet.   See how your English skills stack up against other learners on DynEd’s global leader boards; or have fun competing for the highest score with your Facebook friends, all while you improve your English fluency!