Developing English language to strive further

Headway Learning Solutions conducted the TLGL (Team Leader Group Leader) English Development Program at Thullhiriya, the training center for MAS Holdings. The participants were looking to hone their English Language skills as they are currently working towards obtaining academic credentials in their respective field of Fabric Technology. Participants also faced the challenge of having to communicate with native speakers of the language to discuss about products and the production process. Hencean ESL program had to becuratedto enhance language skills namely, listening, speaking, reading and writing whilst providing participants ample opportunities to buildfluency and accuracy. During the sessions delivered, Headway utilized the blended approach, with an array of their signature activities to ensure optimization of language acquisition.


Empowering the females with English language skills

50 female TL/GL staff of MAS Holdings were provided an opportunityto participate in an English Language Learning Program funded by The Commonwealth. The program was based on DynEd’s English language software which was an additional teaching tool utilized to deliver our blended approach. Sessions were highly interactive and fun with an array of Headway’s Signature activities keeping the participants engaged. Through he blended approach, participants were given the opportunity to practice, Read more

Inauguration of Multimedia Language Training Centre at Rathmalana

Inauguration of Multimedia Language Training Centre at Rathmalana

In a bid to equip the aspirant migrant workers bound for  countries such as Israel, Cyprus, Hong kong and Singapore, with much needed English language skills, Sri Lanka Bureau of  Foreign Employment, in a joint venture with International organization for Migration and Headway School of Languages as the Service provider, Lunched the multimedia Language Training Centre under the auspices of  Hon. Dilan Perera Minister of  Foreign Employment Development, Country Manager for IOM, Mr. Shantha Kulasekera head of border migration and Mr. Naaren Moharanjithan, Managing Director and Academic Consultant of Headway School of Languages.

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Initial Teacher Training for the freshly recruited crew at Rathmalana

Initial Teacher Training for the freshly recruited crew at Rathmalana

Initial teacher training program for our crew who were to pioneer the DynEd -supported ELT program at Multimedia Language Centre, Rathmalana started their carrier journey with Headway in a teacher training program conducted by Headway. The group which consisted of the Center Manager, teachers and instructors were first guided through the DynEd courseware so that they had a taste of DynEd firsthand. The second phase of the training saw the group having the insights into distinctive Headway methods and technicalities of teaching English. Read more