Recursive Hierarchical Recognition

Developed by DynEd’s founder, Lance Knowles, this breakthrough language-learning approach resonates with how the human brain has evolved to search for, recognize, and employ language patterns. Learning proceeds in recursive fashion, using the brain’s hierarchical memory structure in ways that a linear design cannot.

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Scope and Sequence

Language learning, like learning to play a musical instrument, requires practice leads to language automaticity and fluency. DynEd provides and monitors that practice. In DynEd’s core courses, the presentation of Language takes advantage of the human brain’s hierarchical memory structure. No other language courseware provider has developed this unique approach to language sequencing.

Blended Learning

Dyned’s blended learning model combines classroom or tutorial instruction with individualized computer practice. Detailed study reports help teachers follow, direct, and personalize learner progress. Extension activities provide teachers with lesson plans and classroom activities.

30 Years Using Big Data to Improve Language Teaching

As a pioneer in the collection of relevant educational data, DynEd has been using Big Data since its foundation to help teachers manage and advise their students. DynEd’s teaching management tools based on data include:

Records Manager 

Sets and manages individual study

Automatically deploys courses to students according to their test scores
Automatically unlocks new courses according to student performance

Gives detailed feedback and allows teachers to provide individual guidance

Automatically records all learner activities
Records and analyzes student accuracy rates, completion percentages, test scores, and other study details.

Automatically provides various study reports

Controller reports, class reports, learner reports
Detailed reports, monthly reports, weekly reports
Automatically provides mid-term and final reports according to class performance targets set by the teacher

DynEd Analytics 

Dyned’s Analytics application allows project managers and administrators to track and monitor the teaching progress of all students, classes, teachers, schools, regions and cities.
Analytics can help analyze and compare the study records, test scores, overall performance, and study efficiency by school, teacher, or center.

Intelligent Tutor 

Gives feedback and advice to students
Real-time monitoring of study activities to evaluate student efficiency
Provides quantitative study scores for more efficient coaching and overall guidance

Dyned’s patented Shuffler technology continuously monitors the progress of learners and dynamically adjusts the content according to learner performance. As a learner gains proficiency, the number of choices and the depth of the material increases. For learners having difficulty, the material tends to recycle more often and with fewer variations. In this way, the program responds to the student and thereby individualizes the presentation and learning tasks.

Placement Test

DynEd’s Placement Tests are computer-adaptive tests that quickly place students into the appropriate DynEd courses and ensure that they study at the optimum level.

Speaking Test

Using state-of-the-art speech recognition technology, DynEd’s Speaking Test quickly and automatically measures students’ oral proficiency, eliminating the need for expensive native speaker raters.

Mastery Tests

DynEd’s core courses include a series of Mastery Test to help teachers evaluate each learner’s progress and to confirm correct placement into the courses. Mastery Test must be passed by students as they progress along their journey to their next certification goal. Test items are randomly chosen from a sequence of item banks to ensure variation for each learner and for each test delivery.

Path Manager

DynEd’s innovative and intelligent Path Manager continually monitors student progress, setting an individualized study path for each student according to their initial Placement Test scores, their Mastery Test scores, and other performance measures, and automatically reminds students to complete the additional tasks they need in order to unlock new lessons and courses.

Speech Recognition

Except in courses designed for young children, all of DynEd’s core courses include Speech Recognition exercises. These motivating, highly effective activities have proven to be a good way to get students to do the repetition practice necessary to develop oral language proficiency.

Iconic and Multi Model Approach

Language models are presented and practiced in ways that facilitate comprehension and long-term leaning. DynEd’s unique “iconic” approach coordinates visual information with auditory input in ways that are not possible with textbooks. This allows the learning sequence to follow the natural path: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.