Develop the English language skills necessary for effective oral presentations, interviews, meetings, etc.

Deal with a wide range of common business situations and people from different cultural backgrounds

Discuss common yet important topics: company descriptions, business introductions, planning, etc.

Dynamic Business English

English Fluency at work

CEFR Levels: A2 to C2

This 6-unit course focuses on major themes that are universal in business, including employee and company history, job descriptions, areas of responsibility, product comparisons, decision making, and planning, as well as the language concepts, grammar and vocabulary necessary for communication in different industrial and business contexts.  As students go through the course, they develop their listening comprehension, oral fluency, meeting skills, and confidence in English, and will be able to well on standardized English tests such as the TOEIC® and TOEFL®.
Placement and Speaking Tests, Mastery Tests, DynEd’s Records Manager, and a Teacher’s Guide with class suggestions and handouts are available.

Covers Essential Business Topics

Present company products, location, customers, history, etc. Introduce and talk about business in a social setting. Ask questions about the company and its products.

Review job descriptions, work history, responsibilities, organizational charts and changes. Ask questions relevant to an interview situation.

Use quantitative expressions to refer to sales, manufacturing, and trade data. Talk about how and why something is being used. Ask and answer questions that use quantitative expressions.

Present, describe, and compare products and services. Make both quantitative and qualitative comparisons. Ask and answer questions about products and preferences.

Express alternatives and give reasons for a decision. Express degrees of certainty and logical relationships when discussing options. Develop oral Fluency in expressing more complex ideas in a business meeting setting.

Express future plans which depend on test data. Distinguish between likely and unlikely expectations in spoken English. Ask and answer questions with various types of conditionals.

Functioning in Business

Business Communication skills to keep your career on track

CEFR Levels: B1to C1

Functioning in Business is a video-based English course that can be used together with Dynamic business English.  Presented in the context of an executive’s business trip to the US, Functioning in Business uses video presentations and interactive exercises to give students the chance to learn and practice the language needed to communicate successfully in business interactions.

Placement and Speaking Tests, Mastery Tests, DynEd’s Records Manager, and a Teacher’s Guide with class suggestions and handouts are available.

Video-based Episodes Focused on Functional Languages

An Important Business Trip

Checking in

Making an Appointment

Confirming Plans

An Important Introduction

A Business Lunch

The Disagreement

Keeping in Touch

A New Customer