Designed to prepare pilots and controllers to reach and surpass ICAO level 4 English proficiency

Provide better services

Create precise  communication and safer operations

Cabin Service English boost the professional image of the company, help ensure cabin security, and provide higher quality service for passengers.

Aviation English

for Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers

ICAO 3 to ICAO 4

Aviation English includes is provided content by ICAO, the United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority, NASA, and others.  Self-study lessons and the Teacher’s Guide are carefully designed by experienced pilots, controllers, and English language experts. The Course provides 75 hours of ICAO interactive listening and speaking practice in realaviation contexts.  Content confirms to best practices with respect to aviation English training.   Provides PlacementSpeaking, and Mastery Tests.

Also includes the Records Manager, the intelligent Tutor, teacher training, academic consulting, and technical support.

Aviation English includes six units. Each unit presents language examples of both normal and emergency situations that can occur during each stage of a flight, as well as common themes that may cause misunderstanding. 

Broadcast, Weather, Clearance delivery, walk-around inspection, push-back, taxi instructions, CRM, delays, on-ground emergencies, and more

Ground navigation, take off procedures, traffic issues, wind shear, wake turbulence, bird strikes, engine fire, and more

Traffic, TCA, position reports, requesting route or flight altitude changes, turbulence, medical emergencies, fire pressurization, and more

Aircraft interval and flow control, weather, mechanical problems, vectoring and ILS issues, missed approach, and more

Taxiway, confirm and check, navigating unfamiliar airports, gate delays, post-flight check lists, passenger issues, and more

Describe and discuss the true of fictitious accidents caused by improper communication for more information about DynEd interactive multi-media courses, please contact us