Headway SL Introduces DynEd to Ave Maria Girls School Bolawalana

A new phase of the Sri Lankan Education system, especially, its English component, was set in motion when Headway introduced Blended approach to teaching English through DynEd to Ave Maria Convent Bolavalana. Keeping abreast with the latest developments in teaching English in Schools that have been implemented in the school curriculum of more than 30 countries, Ave Maria incorporated DynEd in to its English Language curriculum. Read more

SOV1 – Starting

Opening of Headway SL Branch at Ja-Ela

Headway School of Languages set off its voyage on reaching out to all parts of the country by opening up its first ever partner centre at Ja- Ela. Headway will showcase a spectrum of groundbreaking fresh English Language programs to cater to English language development needs of a wide range of student groups starting from […]