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DynEd Regional Manager for Asia Region Visits NAITA Colombo Centre

Mr. Norman Harris, Regional Manager for Asia pacific, visited newly opened NAITA centre in Colombo which is one of the centers where DynEd has been introduced to teach English for the participants to variety of vocational training courses. Mr.Harris apart from having a friendly tête-à-tête with the trainees, shared his extensive experience in DynEd learning […]

Headway SL Takes over the Reins of English Teaching at NAITA

Adding a new chapter to vocational training field in Sri Lanka, Headway joined hands with NAITA for Two year project, the leading vocational training institute in the country, to commence DynEd English Training in its centers. DynEd will offer its unique language learning solutions for the trainees and apprentices following various vocational training courses at […]

Headway SL Introduces DynEd to Ave Maria Girls School Bolawalana

A new phase of Sri Lankan Education system, specially, its English component, was set in motion when Headway introduced Blended approach to teaching English through DynEd to Ave Maria Convent Bolavalana. Keeping abreast with the latest developments in teaching English in Schools that have been implemented in the school curriculum of more than 30 countries, […]