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Effective Email Writing workshop

Headway Learning Solutions successfully conducted the first Email Writing Workshop at MAS Bodyline. The workshop was conducted by the Academic Consultant in which he covered all the topics necessary to write effective emails. 42 participants were present, all of whom had to be interactive with each other when going through the activities arranged for the day. Pre and post-testing provided participants the opportunity to find and correct their own mistakes when communicating via emails.

TT Oriantation

English Language Teacher Training (ESL)

Headway Learning Solutions has started an English Language (English as a Second Language) Teacher Training program at the American Center in Colombo. The program consists of participants who are in the field of teaching and are looking to improve their teaching abilities. The orientation for this particular program was conducted by our Academic Consultant in which he explained the skills and abilities the participants will develop when following the program. The participants are currently learning about classroom management, how to write their own lesson plans, the different methods in presenting the English language to students and various other techniques.


English language development for aspiring engineers

The DynEd Software was used by Headway Learning Solutions for the programs conducted at the Jinasena Training Foundation.JTF comprises of an English Language training lab where participants are allocated time to self-study DynEd under a teacher’s guidance. This teaching tool delivered a blended approach that provided the participants with the opportunity of practicing the English language. During the classes, the students got to personalize the language whilst actively practicing it with the teacher present. Sessions were delivered using Headway Signature activities and other numerous fun activities which cultivated the use of English language that helped to keep the participants engaged. Furthermore, the participants had the advantage of receiving a CEFR (Common European Framework of Language Reference) Certification.


Developing English language to strive further

Headway Learning Solutions conducted the TLGL (Team Leader Group Leader) English Development Program at Thullhiriya, the training center for MAS Holdings. The participants were looking to hone their English Language skills as they are currently working towards obtaining academic credentials in their respective field of Fabric Technology. Participants also faced the challenge of having to communicate with native speakers of the language to discuss about products and the production process. Hencean ESL program had to becuratedto enhance language skills namely, listening, speaking, reading and writing whilst providing participants ample opportunities to buildfluency and accuracy. During the sessions delivered, Headway utilized the blended approach, with an array of their signature activities to ensure optimization of language acquisition.


English Language skill development in the hill capital | Kandy

The programs that were conducted at the American Center in Kandy consisted of both Spoken English and Business English. These programs were based on DynEd, a software that uses a blended approach in order to easily and effectively assist participants in acquiring the language giving them ample opportunity in practicing and personalizing it. Both programs were aimed to enhance the participants listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities. However, the Business English program was taken to a slightly higher level where it dealt with enhancing the participants Business Communication skills which was a requirement in tackling their daily tasks. Using the software also gave participants the advantage of receiving a CEFR (Common European Framework of Language Reference) Certification which is an internationally recognized certificate.


Communication development for efficient employees at MAS Bodyline

Headway Learning Solutions completed a software-based (DynEd) Business English development program at Bodyline, a subsidiary of MAS Holdings. The software used the blended approach to teach the participants the English language skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking) allowing them to actively practice and personalize the language. The program was also aimed to develop the Business communication skills of the participants as it was very much required in their daily tasks. Using DynEd the participants were also given the opportunity to acquire an internationally recognized CEFR (Common European Framework of Language Reference) Certificate

AM Center SE

Creating opportunities through English language development with American Center Colombo

The American Center, Colombo included the HLS Advanced Business English Program to their program portfolio they offer to the Sri Lankan youth. The anticipated outcome of this program was that the participants would have productive Business Communication skills that armed them with the necessary tools needed to tackle daily tasks in a workforce. Writing and improving the quality of business messages and documents is a terrific resource that can energize your business performance which is why the course content revolved around topics such as report writing skills, be it technical reports or project proposals, along with effective communication, data collection and analysis. The program also concentrated on improving the participants listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.


English Communication Skills to hone Finance team at MAS Legato

Headway Learning Solutions (HLS) started a business Writing and Communications Program for Legato, subsidiary of MAS Holdings. Legato’s HR team identified a need to equip its’ employees with English language reading and writing skills to effectively perform their tasks. Hence, HLS customized and curated an intense Business Communication Program focusing on the reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. After the initial placement test, participants were categorized based on their current proficiency levels. This is a 3-month program, customized to cater to the English language requirements of the Executive and Senior Executive grades.