Empowering the females with English language skills

50 female TL/GL staff of MAS Holdings were provided an opportunityto participate in an English Language Learning Program funded by The Commonwealth. The program was based on DynEd’s English language software which was an additional teaching tool utilized to deliver our blended approach. Sessions were highly interactive and fun with an array of Headway’s Signature activities keeping the participants engaged. Through he blended approach, participants were given the opportunity to practice, Read more


English Language skills for future Engineers at Jinasena Training Foundation

Jinasena Training Foundation (JTF) appointed Headway Learning Solutions as their English Language Training Partner. At JTF, HLS conducts a software (DynEd) based English language development program. JTF provides its’ Engineering students a valuable opportunity to learn English language through the software and also offers them the internationally recognized certificate, CEFR (Common European Framework of Language Reference) Certificate. These young adults are envisioning entering the workforce of the Engineering field which requires them to deal with a lot of Technology as well as to deal with foreign clientele, hence, English is a must. Read more


Developing Communication Skills to Empower Employee at MAS Bodyline

For the second time, MAS Bodyline provided Headway Learning Solutions (HLS) an opportunity to continue to build English Language communication skills of its’ Senior Executives. After an internal selection process by the group HR team, HLS had a pool of candidates for the orientation program. MAS Bodyline HR team requested for our software (DynEd) based English Language program; Read more