A journey to skill up the next generation with the language needed for a career in the tourism and hotel management sector

WUSC (World University Services of Canada) in collaboration with SLITHM (Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management) embarked on a journey to equip the next generation with the language skills needed to pursue a career in the tourism and hotel management sector. Headway Learning Solutions (HLS) took up the challenge by providing an innovative and unparalleled learning experience while WUSC provided the necessary equipment such as tabs for each student to convert their traditional setup into a smart classroom.

The venture will seek to extend the success they achieved with a similar project at SLITHM training center in Kogalla to the North and East regions of the island. In preparation for the expansion, a week-long teacher and technical staff training was conducted by the training team of HLS. During the program conducted in Jaffna, teachers were introduced to new perspectives in language teaching such as Blended Learning, Recursive Hierarchical Recognition (RHR) and iconic memory. They were shown how these techniques could be used in their language classes, converting their classrooms into smart classrooms ensuring that the students acquire language in the natural order quickly and efficiently, thus achieving the results every ESL teacher dreams of.