with the Right ENGLISH Language Fluency Test

Our English Language placement tests are computer-adaptive
and variable -length tests which provide a quick and reliable
benchmark for assessing the language proficiency.

Ideal solution for

HR Recruitments, Student Selection and Administration

DynEd testing system correlate well with other internationally recognized standardized exams including the TOEFL, IELTS, Esol, etc…

Test Types: Kids to Advance or Aviation

Kids English Test

Kid’s English placement test is a reliable and cost effective tool for measuring the language proficiency of Young Learners for any assessing purpose. Due to its correlation with Cambridge YLE levels, the test is specifically well-suited for any language teaching context involving young learners.

General Placement test

Test provides a good measure of overall language proficiency of the test taker placing him on DynEd scale which correlates well with all the other standards tests. With its added advantage of CEFR Correlation, the test is an ideal testing tool for both employee recruitment purposes and student enrollments to language teaching institutes.

Speaking Test

Using state-of-the-art speech recognition and sentence repetition tasks, DynEd’s Speaking Test quickly and automatically measures student oral proficiency without the need for expensive native speaker raters.

Aviation English Placement Test

This test focuses on airline pilots, controllers, and aviation students into aviation suite of courses. In addition to listening, vocabulary and structure components, it now includes a speaking test. Students are rated from ICAO levels 1 through 5.