Workshop at the Department of Official Languages provided a modern perspective to language teaching

The Department of Official Languages brought together 20 experienced teachers from different parts of the island to participate in a workshop conducted by the department in collaboration with Headway Learning Solutions. HLS is the authorized channel partner for DynEd International Inc.USA, pioneers in multi-media language teaching and learning solutions.

The workshop’s focus was to provide a modern perspective to second language teaching, blending modern technology and the traditional classroom to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of language teaching and learning.

The workshop was also a good platform for the teachers to share their experiences drawing from their different teaching contexts and styles. The teachers represented a vast array of teaching experiences obtained from diverse sectors of language teaching. Though styles of teaching may vary from context, to the target group’s age the underlying factor was that blending technology with traditional learning did make a colossal difference.

The feedback from the participants on the program shared a common view, that is, irrespective of their experience in the profession, the training program greatly enhanced their insights into the modern techniques in language teaching.